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“If someone ever asks what happens to a dog that dies,
Just give a gentle smile of joy and look them in the eye.
Take their hand and comfort them and tell them not to cry.
For dogs don’t die, they simply cross a bridge to paradise.”


When I got know my first border collie I was simply impressed. None of my words can describe how fascinated I was. I have always missed that Živa isn’t such an obeyful dog. I missed a dog whose heart is dedicated to his owner. A dog who is willing to do soo much for his owner. A dog who likes to work. Živa is still a sled dog in her heart and she loves running with all her heart and soul.

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I wanted a dog who would love working with me. Doing tricks and agility. A dog full of energy and joy. So after I met my good friend’s border collie Bode, I was 100% sure that my next dog will be border collie. I started to read everything on this breed and searched for the right breeder. I simply fall in love with blue merle color. With the help of my friends I found the Blessed Borders kennel. And my destiny with border collies became in August 2007, when I reservated a blue merle bitch in this kennel.


I had a first choice of a bitch. I decided to go visit the breeder before the puppies were born and also went to pay deposit. After a long drive we arrived to Hungary. There I was without words. I just looked at the border collies and my heart was singing. I met my future’s border collie mother Blessing and father Devoted One. Such a great dogs.

Then I just had to wait. To wait what destiny and future will bring me. It was a really loooong waiting. I told my breeder that when puppies will be born she must inform me imediatellly. And she really did. On 18th February at 02:11 I got an SMS: ”02:03 a beautiful blue merle bitch born!” I woke up and just couldn’t sleep any more. There she was. My little angel was born. She was the 4th in the litter, she weigh 300g. She was the only one in blue merle color. In that moment I realized that she was my destiny. My sweetest destiny.

But destiny can bring also bad times. In June we found out that Nia has liver shunt. In Slovenia nobody could help her. So we went to Vienna to prof. Dupre.


Prof.Dupre take a look at her liver but there were too many vessels going not right direction. The only thing that would rescue her would be a transplatation of liver. But they don’t do that in veterinary medicine… So he suggested that we shoudn’t wake her up from the anestesia while she was sleeping. He left us in a room to decide in few minutes with my good friend and we were just crying… But we decided to gave her eutanasia in Austria. If we would bring her home in Slovenia it would make things just harder for all of us… There were no words… Tears were just falling from my face, like there are a whole sea… She was my little sweet angel. She gave me the most beautiful 2 months of my life! She was a miracle!


My sweet little Nia, be good behind the rainbow bridge and don’t bark too much on the angels who will throw you the balls and the frisbees…

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