I introduced puppy frisbee to Phoebe and Free when they was quite young.
At first we just played, tugged and had fun with it. Then we gradually started with rollers and chasing them.
They are both crazy about frisbees!!! I attended some frisbee seminars and in year 2010 I also started to compete in different disciplines (with Phoebe).


Short report from one of our first competitions which was on Slovenian TV:

1. Competition 4. Kirican DiscDog Freestyle (USDDN)

catergory: STARTERS
KDDF 2010, 24.-25.4. judges: Sabine Wolff (D), Marcus Wolff (D), Jakub Štýbr (CZ), Yva Andrová (CZ) – 4th place!


2. Competition at Euroflite Cup 2010 Freestyle (Skyhoundz)

catergory: STARTERS
Euroflite Cup 2010, 29.-30.5. Judges: Jeff Perry (USA), Yukihiro Sekiguchi (JAP)
2nd place Freestyle Novice and 2nd Place Minidistance Novice.


3. 2nd CANIDAE dogfrisbee international competition in Maribor Freestyle (USDDN)

category: STARTERS
Freestyle Starters, Judges: Canine: Miša Androva; Player: Veronika Urbaskova; Team: Marketa Urbaskova; Execution: TBA
1st place!


4.  EUROPEAN Dogfrisbee CHAMPIONSHIP Freestyle in Holland (USDDN)

24.-25.09.2010 – division ADVANCED:
Minidistance: 17 points, 1st round: 32,04 points, 2nd round: 31,25 points
Grand total: 111,93 points! – 1st place!


5.competition: 26.02.2011: DisCarnival 2011 (Skyhoundz)

Freestyle Expert: 62 points: 3rd place!

FrizbiBP (1 of 1)-52

6.competition: 24.04.2011: Easter Flipsi dogfrisbee competition: Freestyle OPEN (USDDN)

Freestyle Open: 109.96 points: 6th place, Judges: Team: Veronika Urbaskova; Player: Miša Androva; Canine: Marketa Urbaskova; Execution: Jure Klobučar
First time in SuperMinidistance Open (USDDN), 5th place.


7.competition: 7.- 8. 5. 2011: 5th Kirican DiscDog Freestyle

5th Kirican DiscDog Freestyle: 94,03 points – 18th place


8. competition: 07.07.2011: AWI Qualifier

Toss & Catch 1st place,

Freestyle 67,2 points – 5th place – both qualified for World Championship in USA!


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